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TS/CL Recruitment Form

Name *

Email *

Confirm *

Applying to be *

Age *

Time Available *

per day

Do you have CS4 Photoshop or better *

Not required for Webtoon Cleaners

Know how to use it? *

Can you install fonts?

*required for typesetters

Video Card Model *

e.g. Nvidia Geforce GTS 450, Integrated card

Video Memory *

e.g. 512MB or 1 GB

Physical Memory *

This is your RAM, this is different from you hard disk space.

Processor Power *

Wish to work on - *

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Your Operating system

Experience / Qualifications

Tell us how good you are, such as any related experience and so on. You may add extra information if you so wish.

Download Link *

Insert Download Link to a zip/rar file containing ALL of the typesetter/cleaned pages in your chosen test.

Choose and complete at least ONE Test from below. Whichever you choose you must complete all the pages within a given Test pack -

Cleaner Test - Manga Only: MCO
Cleaner Test - Webtoon Only: WCO
Typesetter Test - Manga  Only: MTO
Typesetter Test - Webtoon Only: WTO

If you chose "Undecided/Both" you must complete a MANGA" specific test.

Go to Link: "File"> "Download"


  1. The file for the cleaner test for manga is damaged. I can't open the zip.

  2. It still doesn't work >.>
    I can download the zip file, but cannot open it.

  3. Sorry, it's ok, I could open it, but needed to use another compression program. The windows default didn't work.

  4. well since my laptop is at my house ill have to get started on the tests tommorow. soweeeeeee ill get to it when i get up at the crack of noon

  5. Thank you all so much for the work you do. It means a lot to all of us out here, I hope I can help! --Cassidy G.

  6. Uhh. What are those video card stuff? How am I suppose to know which stuff are in my PC?


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