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Magic Insulator Chapter 4

Here's a treat for the MI fans~ long awaited chapter 4.

Anyway I think we need to introduce a few people -
New Typesetters - Malionette & Shiva
Raw provider for Sun knight - Angelstagium

Recruitment is currently closed

Magic insulater - Chapter 4
Download 1 || Download 2


  1. Welcome newcomers!!! :D

    Can't wait to read this :3

    I will have to save it for later tho' >.<

  2. OMG. dont die mouke xD.
    And OMG Again! yay for the provider of Sun Knight :D

  3. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

    All of you - thank you

  4. i was just wonder how many raw chapter for magic insulator left untranslate
    you see i'm kinda hesitant to read this because there is only 4 chapter and i might end up loving it and having to wait for new chapters

  5. OSS, thank's for the new release!!
    Welcome Malionette & Shiva!!
    Welcome Angelstagium! And thank you very much for the raw for Sun Knight!!

  6. i could clean and typeset if you want anyhelp just e-mail me...

  7. is it insulator or insulater anywho? just askin cuz it's written both ways... o wells... not that it matters


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