Don't ask for release dates

Wanted: LSK

Update: Found a raw provider for Sun knight,
will be announced with next release. We still need TYPESETTERS & TRANSLATORS!!
We are currently looking for someone to scan Legend of the sun knight volume 1 for us. It's easiest to find in bookstores of Hong Kong, so if you live in HK and have a scanner please leave us a message at

Sun knight is written by the same author as Half prince, and its even funnier!! so if you can, then please help us out!

P.s. i know you can find it is yesasia, but its a last resort since its expensive.


  1. Oh my gosh, Legend of the Sun Knight! I hope you can get someone to scan it!

  2. Hohoho yeh.... The Legend of Sun Knight... Oh gosh BISHIES GALORE! XD Oh well dusen't matter XD Hohohohoho Oh well whatever... I hope to see it too 'cause I really wanna see why Commanda loves it so much and see how much Yu Wo has progressed Hohoho XD


    think it can help, i don't understand what it says but there are some images of the manga(or what i think is the manga) if i am wrong i am sorry:(
    while here you can find info on the series like the characters, the synopsis etc.....
    ps, thank for your hard work, thanks to you i can read 1/2 prince^^( fan from italia)

  4. hey i think i have magic insulator chapter 4. u want or u already have it?

  5. We have it, and working on it, we need chapter 6, 7, and 9... otherwise we wait for volume 2 which should be out soon

  6. I've read a few chapters of the Novel on Prince Revolution and it's very funny :D It would be great if you translated the manga too :) I've got a question: Is the artist of the Sun Knight and 1/2 Prince the same person?

  7. Nope, if it was the same artist then we'd get HP once every year... that guy is super slow at drawing... or maybe just lazy

  8. Hope you guys will make it in no time!

  9. I am really impressed that there is so much information about this subject that has been uncovered and you did it so well, with so much class. Good one you, man! Really great stuff here


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