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C40 + Gief Typesetters

Hello people.

Half Prince Chapter 40

>>> Mirror 1 ||| Mirror 2 <<<
Its the same one as the one in the last post. Courtesy to
the dumb anons who only looks at the top post

The recruitment for typesetters is now open. We expect applicants to be swift at typesetting and have a decent computer to be able to use Photoshop without issues. To prevent fakers from being recruited we have of course set a test. For those who think they can manage this, and have the time and the determination to actually work for us regularly, please feel free to apply. Be aware that ...
  1. You must agree to typeset 1/2 Prince and all other projects
  2. Typesetting is actually the easiest part of scanlating, so we expect speed!!
  3. We expect you to be good at following instructions, and that means you actually do have the patience to read instructions.
  4. Don't expect to be able to see the latest scans after you join us. You have to go through a trial period which we set to see how trustworthy you are.
P.S. Comments / chatbox comments will not be taken seriously at all. Incomplete forms will be ignored.

Scanlations are free works by fans for fans! We do not pay anyone on our team!

I wanna be a typesetter!!!
Please fill in this form and send it to and I'll send you the test.

Country of residence:

Qualifications(if any) – or how good are you?
Video card (Amount of video memory) -
Physical memory -
Processor Power -
Do you have CS4 Adobe Photoshop and know how to use it? -
Do you have problems with permissions in installing fonts-

Time available:
Time zone:
Can you use IRC?


  1. nice job on the work! and please do contact the creator telling them.that I enjoy the story so much! XD

  2. Hi!

    Just recently I started to read Half Prince and guess what, I loved it even though I'm not a big fan of MMORPGs!

    Since I'm a huge fan of chinese culture (I know prince is Taiwanese but I've met some folks from Taiwan who refer to themselves as chinese, so...) I'd like to say thanks for the great job you guy are doing making works like this acknowledged worldwide!

    Oh yeah... I'd also like to suggest another manwhua for you guys to work with, I searched it everywhere and still, no luck. The Dragon Tiger Gate series... u know... like in the Donnie Yen movie...

    Either way... Great job and GO ODD SQUAD!!! XP

  3. Agh, just a note for Nick, people from China of Taiwan both consider themselves as chinese, but in cantonese or any other chinese languages, they each got a different name and NOT a single group..

    Back to topic, getting raw scan from Taiwan is currently quite impossible for me to help, since it is too easy to get the comic and none of the taiwanese cares about us (Now this is sad).

    Either way, I can try to contact some of my friends in China and Taiwan, but don't expect much.

  4. There are Taiwanese-branched online sellers of the 1/2 Prince manga. One of the sources known for shipping to the USA is YesAsia which has been around a long time.

    For your convenience, I include the YesAsia URL below for Half Prince.

    I suppose you can find other online booksellers by googling "taiwan online bookstores".

    I hope you can solve the problem of getting RAWs soon. The RAW-Paradise site has recently started watermarking their raw scans with a large ghosted "SIG style" watermark. It's pretty annoying to look at since it is in the middle bottom third of each page. So rather than having them get the raws for you, buying them may be the better non-watermarked approach.

  5. Hai

    i just wanna 2 say that i really adore what ur doin, i wish i can do something,
    i really look forward 1/2 prince next chapter

    Liesa frm Malaysia


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