Don't ask for release dates
Recruiting Chinese Translator for EH


Overall expectations
- Voluntary work - no pay
- Active member of Scanlation Group
- Willingness to scanlate designated project
- Follow instructions properly
- Actively check for tasks
- Pass TEST before acceptance
- Pass Trial after acceptance
- forms posted in the blog or the chatbox will be ignored

- High Proficiency in Chinese/ Korean
- High Proficiency English
- Sufficient time to translate
- Ability to use Google documents
- What you DON'T need: photoshop or a scanner. That's really not a translators job....

--Click the above button to apply as a Translator--


  1. what do you mean by "Ability to use Google Documents"?

  2. you need to know how to use google documents, its rather easy... Google it...

  3. my english is not that bad but i can't say it is of a high proficiency.(as it is my second language...) I have confidence in my chinese though.

    You think i can be of any help?

  4. well i would suggest at least taking the test. It won't hurt to at least see if you can pass.

  5. if only it was not traditional .... i wanted to try using this to better my Chinese and get to see earlier chapters of some of my favorite manhua but unfortunately it doesn't work that way :(

  6. Just sent in the application for translator and will now be trying to set up MSN messenger....

  7. Aoi Shimizu6 May 2011 08:17

    would you have to have adobe photoshop?

  8. Lol no, you only work with text

  9. I am Good at chinese but the modern one,coz i am @ beijing for almost 7 years now....

    if u need my help mail me :

    you can test me btw ^^

  10. I am a Korean Translator that is currently is the U.S. My English is sufficient for this task and my Korean is as well. I feel Korean is better in terms of how I was raised and born in Korea and that Korean feels better for me. However, technically speaking, I am better with English. I will only have sufficient time after around 4:00 pm EST but I am confident in my efficiency and speed. (As I always notice errors in Korean anime, drama and manga)

    You can Contact me (David) at:

  11. Hi! I'm an american living in Korea as a translator. I'd love to give your trial a shot! ^.^


  12. i can translate koreans and chinese but i don't wanna scan. we don't have a scanner. and oh, I'm a top notch for English. :)) wanna apply.

  13. I can translate well enough but am a bit confused about the trial and tests listed in the Overall Expectations. Also, I didn't see a request for MSN in the form, so do I send that in later?

  14. I would, but reading the comments, it seems like it's traditional. Oh well...

  15. Hey noob im gymboy1st i just wanted to ask, what is the trial after the test and plz tell me if i share the google doc right

  16. i can be a translator. :) i can speak in korean kind of fluently. :) and school ended just now. :>

  17. I can do Korean I know korean my parents are korean and I know a lot of things of korean! I'll try my best

  18. hi I have a question to ask, I always wanted to know how do you translate? how does it work? In fact I have to write my "professional" project for my university and I choose audiovisual translator.

    please I hope to get an answer soon
    ps: my email is

  19. Dear potential Translators,

    As we've indicated above, we do not respond to posts in the forum/comments/chatbox.

    All interested parties must fill in the application form above. (We only take people who can follow instructions!)

    We will then send you a test.

    Good luck and apply away!

  20. I'm sorry for asking, but have you thought in translate english-spanish? I would like you needing some spanish translator, because there are so many people who speak spanish and don't speak english. you might think about this and put another option in the option "Applying to be", anyway, you're doing a great job guys! thank you all :)

  21. I m new to translation. So how do i fill in the box "time available"?
    Is it per week or total time u can do translation?


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