Don't ask for release dates

Recruiting Raw Providers

Hello people,
We currently in need of Raw providers.
Although we will get you Half Prince "for now", due to the disappearance of Shadowster... we are very much in need of another raw provider who will unbind and scan Magic Insulator, another project and Half Prince (not necessarily all of them together).

If you live in and around Taiwan and have a scanner, please contact us. If you know someone who lives in Taiwan, it's be great if you can contact him. Your monthly Half Prince depends on it!

Be assured that you will be reimbursed through paypal for buying the magazine.

P.S. We are working on the Half Prince now, theres a spoiler on the Facebook fan club go see. MI is on hold since Shadowster disappeared unless you guys prefer to read it by skipping chapter 4.


  1. I wish you luck internet people!

  2. I don't know what you think of this, but this fan page
    is posting volumes 4-7 in the photos section, and not giving any credit to those took the effort to scanlate it.

  3. Hi my friends,
    Well I have already send a message with your problem in all the groups I'm Admin on Facebook and also posted on the groups' wall.

    I hope you have had an answer but if not I hope you'll get one sooner.

  4. Not to be annoying, but I DEMAND an update!!!!!

    Waiting HURTS!

    Thanks :)

  5. You guys are masters of suspense.....T~T

  6. I will wait for as long as it will take!

    Let's hope it doesn't take too long... =(

  7. I was just wondering if everything was ok? It doesn't usually take so long for you all to update and I know you've been having problems with the raws... So... Yeah. Just checking to see if all is ok. Hope you don't mind. ^_^ (I'd volunteer to help, but I'm in Japan, not Taiwan.)

    By the way, you guys all do a WONDERFUL job! Thank you!

  8. Thank you for telling us the situation!!
    We will wait for as long as you want as long as it will be released in the future!! :D

  9. uhmm... I thank you guys for half prince! But if there's anything that I can help with, please do! I just love half prince so much that I can't wait! hehe~ though I apologize for I'm not from taiwan. I'm from philippines. cheers!!! I'm looking forward for further updates!


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