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How to manually access the scanlations


1. Drag and drop this star onto your bookmark bar.
(if drag&drop not possible, copy the code in the white
box below then paste it in a bookmark)

2. Go to a naver webtoon that OSS has translated.
3. Click on the bookmark to load translation.
(if no bookmark bar, or if bookmarks open in new window,
type the bookmark name in the adress bar and run it)

Manual code to run in the address bar or to put in a bookmark.

Video Tutorial


1. The bookmark will only work if you CLICK IT while you are viewing the webtoon.
2. You need to click the bookmark each time you refresh or go to a different chapter/series.

Common Mistakes/ Issues

1. Trying to read a chapter we haven't Translated.
2. You have not clicked the bookmark at all.
3. You are not viewing the webtoon when you clicked the bookmark.  
Make sure you aren't making the above mistakes: 
Go to this naver chapter > Click your bookmark while you are on that page. Translation should show up.

4. Your ISP blocks our server or our server is down: 
To confirm go to:  (if everything is working you should see: {}

5. Script Blocker Addon/ plugin preventing the execution of the script:
Solution:  Set it to allow

Try multiple browsers before you ask us anything on the forum.
You can post your issue in detail with a screenshot in the Troubleshooting Forum.

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