Don't ask for release dates


Overall expectations
- Fill in the forms
- Voluntary work - no pay.
- Willingness to scanlate designated project
- Active member of Scanlation Group
- Follow instructions properly
- Actively check for tasks
- Pass TEST before acceptance (1/2 Prince not used as a test)
- Pass Trial after acceptance

- Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Manga Cleaning (since we use topaz denoise)
- Webtoon Cleaning - Other software can be used as long as the clean looks good.
- Powerful Computer with good video card
- Previous experience in Cleaning / Graphic designing (Optional)
- Involves: Removing text --> redrawing all art that would have been below the text --->  restoring screentones ---> restoring correct black and white shades
- FOR NEWBIES --> Step by step cleaning tutorial (note we do not reborder)
 ----- Please do not manually redraw things, use vector tools like "Pen tool" in Photoshop

--Click above button Apply as a Cleaner--


  1. I don't have a video card, but is it compulsory to to get one in order to clean. I'm proficient at Adobe CS5 and graphic designing, so is this ok?

  2. Hi guys!
    I really want to help you but i dont have a lot of time. Are there things to do, which are not really urgent? I mean I could clean one or two pages a week, but I guess thats just too slow.

  3. Good evening

    I'm a serious comic fan and would love to help get the scans out faster. I'm an artist, pretty good with photoshop. PC specs: Core i5 2500k 4.5 GHZ, Radeon HD4850 graphics card, photoshop cs5.

    My e-mail:

  4. Lana,

    See that big button up there that says "Recruitment Form"?

    Click on it and fill it out if you're serious about it.

  5. I wish to join, but I don't have a desktop yet. My laptop died. I have a tablet, I'll get a good video card T^T

  6. How do do you have to be? I wish I could join, but i'm probably too young, and I don't know what cs4 is. Plus I probably couldn't redraw what was underneath. :'( Sad day. :(

  7. Hi, erm, I know you said photoshop on your requirements but is GIMP alright too? It's practically the same as photoshop (but free). xD

  8. Hi there! I just sent a cleaner application for Half Prince, hope I can pass the test!

  9. Oh sorry I saved them as JPEG and not PNG, I don't know *how* to save them as PNG while keeping the size small (don't understand the "15-20 colors" either)

  10. It means you can not support fast boot, and other special windows 8 things. Disable fast-boot and it should boot fine.
    graphics card


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