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Magic Insulator Chapter 2

Hello again,
Its been a bit sluggish lately due to various reason, but we got it done with this chappie anyways. MI is about 40 pages, twice as much as HP... if only Choi hong chong could dish out some more pages then we'd all be happy.

On another news I opened a "rant" blog for the whole OSS team upon request. So basically you have another way to get to know and contact the team. Be sure to check it out at

Anyways here's the exciting new chapter of Magic Insulator
>>>Download MI Chapter 2<<<


  1. omg first one!! :D

    thanks for the update!! I ended up loving the series---but I love 1/2 prince more!! X3

    thank you oss, love you!! <3

  2. MI is great !

    you guys are so awesome.

  3. Nice!! I love it!!!

  4. Thank you for the upload!!

    Looking forward to the next chapter to both MagicI and 1/2 Prince!! (:

  5. Looking forward to the next installment of MI! Keep up the good work.

  6. hmmm...i wanna drop by to give thanks for all those who help me concerning my 1/2 prince fix...:P

    keep up the good work guys and take care always :P


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