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Magic Insulator Chapter 1

Odd Squad Scanlations is proud to present ~ Magic Insulator Chapter 1!!! Sorry had to do that cliched line. Anyways enjoy :).
This is a Side project, meaning we are STILL scanlating 1/2 Prince as our Main, higher priority project.

For those who have no idea what it is i'll just paste in the summary for you:

Manhua Info
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Shounen
Release: Monthly as chapters
Reading direction: Right to Left
Author+artist: Yang Chen Da (楊承達)

Plot Summary:
In the Kalan empire a prophecy exists, a prophecy that foretells the destruction of the world. The hope for salvation rests in a young prince, but only if he manages to attain the rank of Archmage. As fate has it, the sole prince of Kalan was cursed at birth, rendering him incapable of controlling the power of his spells.

Growing up, the mischievous prince's fascination for magic got him into all sorts of trouble. And now he has managed to stumble into a world of dragons, elves, and ancient magics, in a quest to remove this damnable curse. Destiny awaits? Can he fulfill his destiny with no weapons, no spells, and two servants who can never agree to disagree?

So here's our first release of MI.
>>>Download MI Chapter 1 version 2<<< version 1

Just a note: As always we followed the raw's punctuation, however the author fails at punctuating and puts too many "!". So in version 2 you have everything modified to suit the character's expressions while keeping the meaning and such..

I say again We did NOT drop 1/2 Prince.


  1. Thanks. Looking forward to more :)

  2. Thank you very much - it looks great!

  3. Thank you it seems fun!^^

  4. Thanks, I like it very much!
    The joke pages were so funny ^-^

  5. Thanks! this is great! i think i'm beginning to like manhuas... haha

    if only i can read and understand mandarin then i'll join your group. ^ ^

  6. Oh yeah! have been waiting for ages. lol xP
    btw, where to read it online? ^^

  7. thank you, it looks like a cool series. looking forward to more! he he

  8. i don't know if i like it, i need another chapter, maybe 2 to decide XD thx for working so hard so that we can enjoy this, great work as always, and i beg you, since i hold no right to do anything else, to keep it up >.<

  9. This is a great series, oss is really the BEST!! Thanks a lot :D

  10. More Anonymous thanking =]! Thanks


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