Don't ask for release dates

Cleaner Recruitment - closed

We are no longer accepting applications. Those that passed the first "round" has already received the cleaner tests; Good luck.

Hello people.
Those who have cleaning and editing skills and want to help us out, will be pleased to know that you have a shot at joining us.

As we know for a fact a lot of people will apply just so they can get their eyes on chapters early, we have set up a test, a hard one at that. This basically means you have to have experience/ are somehow good at being a cleaner. You must have CS3 or CS4 photoshop actually installed. You can't come to us and say your PC doesn't support Cs3 or CS4 PhotoShop and expect us to keep you on the team. (MS paint users? please go away).

Be aware that ...

  1. You must agree to clean 1/2 Prince and all other projects
  2. Even though we don't expect you to forsake your lives for cleaning. We expect a degree of seriousness and dedication, which will constantly determine whether you can continue to stay with us or not
  3. We expect you to be good at following instructions, and that means you actually do have the patience to read intructions.
  4. We will keep an eye out for plagiarism, so don't go trying to cheat.
Comments / chatbox comments will not be taken seriously at all.

I wanna be a cleaner!!!

Please fill in this form and send it to and she'll send you the EVIL test.

Time available:
Time zone:


  1. snap, I lately thought about trying myself in cleaning and then join some group, in the end I work with photoshop for ages, but duh, I only have ps7
    oh well, good luck finding someone :3

  2. erm, what's a cleaner task? I hope you'll answer my question.. Thanks..^^

  3. << cleaner job and all others explained

  4. I would be interested in being a cleaner, or proof reader. I do a little writing here and there, and meet the requirements as far as I can tell. As for the cleaner, I have Photoshop CS. I haven't checked the updates in a while, does 3 and 4 have new settings or tools? I also work on a mac; I don't know if that will be a problem. This is actually a lot to be typing in a comment box so I'm going to stop. Even if you don't wish that I help now I would be willing to give you my email so you can get in touch with me later.

    Thank you for your time.

    (I put my myspace -_-* as my website, simply because I haven't updated my art site in a long while.)

  5. GIMP users not allowed either eh? I love my GIMP, have used Photoshop at school and see absolutely no reason to spend money on it when GIMP is free - and more powerful anyways.

    GIMP is certainly not easy to use by any definition, but once you know what you're doing with it, it becomes exceptionally powerful.

  6. Sorry about gimp, I know its good. It's just that we use a photoshop add-in (Topaz Denoise) which makes cleaning a bit easier. If you can use it in gimp you could apply, but its a photoshop add-in so...

  7. Heh I sent in an application a few minutes before recruitment closed, but my mail failed to send.

  8. Ah you can sen it again. I'm not sending out the tests for a few more hours.

  9. So who's the new cleaner? Well, I did send you 1 mail but you didn't send me back the test.

  10. aww no cs2 LOL xD. i like usin that than the later ones...

  11. @ deddinty: Although Topaz itself would be quite impossible, if there was a way to find out just what algorithms it used, it'd be a snap (more or less) to implement a replacement in GIMP script-fu... Unfortunately, like the platform it's designed for, I doubt that'd be very possible to do.

    I do know of and make (very limited) use of denoisers made for GIMP... but they likely do the job quite differently.

    Anyways, glad you found someone, I don't actually think I'd have applied anyways, was just wondering why no GIMP... as soon as my desktop is running again, I have my own project to be working on.


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