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Half Prince Chapter 32!

Yes its out!
Other than wanting to kill Ice phoenix slowly and painfully, we would like to announce with a bit of regret... (not really) that we won't release 33 and 34
yet due to the omake that need to be added and the changes that need to be made according to the enlightening chapters 29 to 32. Remember the delay thing written in red words? you can feel it now with 33 and 34. Enjoy.

Anyways here's chapter 32:
>>1/2 Prince Releases<<
i numbered the files as c31 instead of c32. Sorry!! the page numbers are fine though.

Chapter 33 is scheduled for release 5 days from now, (don't riot... ), but we will be nice enough to release it in 3 days with a little riddle. So even if you think you know what the answer to our little riddle is, you'll have to wait till then to find out!

For those of you who have been wondering what exactly Aj plau is... here are the clues:
Remember if you figure out what it is, do not tell anyone what it is, or we will hold c34 hostage!!!

I swear to not tell anyone what AJ PLAU is.

1) the answer is right in front of you
2) look at your keyboard (has to be QWERTY)
3) PWN! is to OWN! as AJ PLAU! is to...

Why are we doing this? Because I need to let the team have some fun sometimes, surely we don't want them to riot do we...

By the way the joke pages have been brought to you by deddinty (ah she did a great job!!)



  1. Wow thanks for the new chapter! I can't wait to read it! (it's downloading as we speak)

  2. i don't get it >.<

  3. FINALLY!!!!!!!! xD

  4. *sigh* Just don't tell anyone what AJ PLAU! means.

  5. i don't get it too

  6. Snake Kiss, something I'll probably never have the pleasure of giving....(<--I'm a guy who recently got dumped....I wish I was a bishi)

    I think I decoded AJ PLAU! but I can't be sure.


  7. Thanks for the new chapiter 1/2 prince ^^

  8. thank you! :D was expecting it to release around this time!! :D:D:DDDDD
    thanks! love you guys

  9. Eww.. It's a bit gross when Prince kissing them. After all, Prince is a girl in reality isn't she?

    But I'm still happy the 32rd is coming this soon ^^

    I can't wait for the next! Go OddSquad!!

  10. I say the anwser is cat/pie/own/ali baba

  11. If it were due to mistype...

    still it doesnt match the tense moment :

    "infinite city never fall"

    infinty xity!!! (infinite city)

    aj plau.

    It doest bode well..

    Much better to be "all hail" instead of "aj plau" (--beep-)

  12. I LOVE U GUYS 8D ^3^ Thanks for all the hard work :D

  13. Where to answer to get the chapter, :P

  14. mmm i was very exited about this new chapter, but i'm kind of disapointed, not disapointed with you guy, but with the chapter itself, i hoped something more exiting -.- aniway, can't wait for next chapter, those 3 days are going to be agony

  15. Love you guys for releasing this series ^^ no clue what the riddle is. Loving the Light novel

  16. Thanks so very much for the chapter :) I think I figured out what aj plau is... :D

  17. Omg! Thanks for the new chapter! *-*

    (kinda disappointed because Prince only kissed the girls, but its funny XD)

  18. ...I think I have it, but I'm not quite sure :D

  19. im very confused, but thanks so much :)

    this will keep everything interesting and we get 1/2 prince agian!

  20. I gots it :)

    Keep it up!

  21. i think it got it!!! =)
    thank you for the release!!

  22. Thx sooo much for the new chapter!!!

    This is my fav manga ever and right when i started reading it, the chapters came up again

    can't wait for the next chapter & the answer to the riddle is KILLING ME!!!
    i can't figure it out....
    ANYWAY...u guyz rock,
    keep up the good work!!!

  23. Thnx for the quick release!

  24. lol, i got it.

    i think it's harder depending on where one lives.

  25. thanks a lot!!!
    i can't wait to read the next chapter

  26. Hello oddsquadscans,
    I'm a member of a Vietnamese translating group name chocoland group
    our website is: chocoland[dot]­byethost6[dot]com
    can you give me the permission to translate 1/2 Prince project into Vietnamese ?
    Of course, we'd put your credit on the manga link to oddsquadscans
    Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to read those marvelous translated manga.

    I hope you will answer soon


  27. 1/2 Prince is the best series in the world! I recently finished the translated light novel and loved it to. I loved it back when OneManga only had 5 chapters of it.

  28. Always a big THANK YOU for working so hard!!

    We love you!! <3

  29. Chisumi_aiki please send me a mail at i would like to discuss this before giving you the permission.

  30. the ridlle is killine me!!!! ohh well om totally a half prince fan!!
    keep up the good work...

  31. Note: Thank you very much the release of 32 chapter of 1/2 prince.


  32. Note: Aj plau - means _____________ just fiugre it out. We already know now what it means.


  33. Ah i love it thanks for the new chapter.
    I love it how prince was so into the snake kissing. =P

  34. After an hour and a half and two dozen different interpretations of the clues - I give up > < I'm going to stop torturing myself and forget about it till it comes out officially.

    Thanks for the hard work though! You guys are awesome!

  35. I'm an Idiot, who can't figure it out.

    By Anon

  36. Please give me more hints....(;_;)

  37. Thank you so much!!! took me some time to slove it but now I get it!! really funny pw!XD

  38. YESSSS!! lol, i got it.

    thanks for the new chapter! :]

  39. I GOT IT !!and thank you for the release.
    did u know that i didn't like 1/2 prince understill now..

  40. oh come on i just figured it out >,<

  41. Turns out I DID get the riddle...just not the caps/! part...

    Ah well, now I have something to read before work! Thanks!!

  42. Thanks 4 the chapter (._.)
    o.O gd luk wif the other chapters :) :) :)

    he dint kiss gui tho >.< so sad

  43. Wohoo! Got what AJ PLAU means! :'D

    Thanks a lot for the scans! You are the best!

  44. I apologize for the late comment (I found out what 1/2 prince was a year ago). I'm rereading it while I wait instead of complaing. I just thought I'd let you know that Aj Plau is/used to be a person. :P
    there's his obituary. I got stuck with a bunch of random letters so i googed it. Aj Plau is actually a common name xD just thought I'd let y'all know :) also, you guys are my favorite scanners of this series that I've found by far! Good job and keep it up :D


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