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The Odd Corner

The corner where you have the oddest, insane (but sometimes normal) but random content on the OSS site ~ probably unrelated to any of our projects!

Please be aware that some of the videos might be not be suitable for kids, don't say i didn't warn you.

p.s. Stuff here other than the ones with our names on it, do not belong to OSS.

The super optimistic song ~ YATTA!

Don't You think Gui should be singing this to Prince?

Is this what Second Life is like?

1/2 Prince Fan animation!!! start from left ~
-by xAsaHi

What is the internet for?

World's Scariest Murderer

How to Vandalize a Girl Band. Left one then right ~

Watch the Left then the Right one ~ Girls vs. Boys Generation

Watch The left then the Right one ~ Girls vs. Boys Generation

To Kui? Or not to Kui? That is the question.
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  1. haha well I don't know if I cna post here.. but that song 'if you were gay' I would be really happy if soemone made an amv of Gui and Prince XD

  2. I love this new section it got some funny vids ~.~ thank you for uploading these stuff Noobzilla ^^

  3. luv the vids... please add more 1/2 prince episodes... i'm looking forward in watching :p

  4. ah those videos aren't mine!! its upto the person who makes them, i'll go add in the credits

  5. i wasnt expecting to find k-pop on here :P
    but if you want to watch a really hilarious parody, check out Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra and then Dirty Eyed Girls - Abracadabra Parody (make sure you watch the ones with eng subs cuz they changed the lyrics around ALOT)

  6. i cant see the pic !!!!!! whyyy

  7. does your provider block

  8. i don't know where to suggest this, but is there any coding possible to make the picture at the top cycle through different images, or for us to choose between different page themes?

  9. Em well, there probably is, but I suck at coding, and its too much effort ><

  10. Uhm i got bored and made this ..

    Its as you guys said,, lawl Gui singing the "if you were gay" song to Prince ^^ !


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