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Delayed Chapter 29-32 + c34 Spoiler

Sorry guys, Kenji has been looking far and wide (yes i made him leave the safety of his home and take a train to taipei battling through the attack of the sun, insects, and humidity
just so he can check out all the manga shops). Unfortunately all the shops came out with a "No can do" on the ordering gig. So unless we have a miraculous discovery... somewhere we might have to wait for volume 6, which is most likely coming out between 5-14 August.

Oh but all is not in vain. We have chapter 33 and 34 in our hands yes, no joke. So the second we finish chapter 29 -32... you'll have a super fast instant release of 33 and 34, that and from volume 6 onwards you will have a monthly feast of 1/2 Prince, since Kenji has so nicely become our magazine source, all hail Kenji :P.

On a side note I'd like to thank all the people that donated :) . And a hug to HopeHime4 for explaining to the newbies time and time again as to why the chapters aren't coming out on mangafox...

p.s. If you happened to read the spoilers for 34 ... I still don't think you are prepared for the drool worthy eye candies you'll find in that chapter. So... an evil sneak peak into c34 coming up!

Spoiler - Don't say i didn't warn you!



  1. lol, evil laugh.

  2. All the better then, no?
    I mean if it will come to vol. 6 then we'll get a whole bunch of chapters at once to enjoy.
    I can wait for that ^_^


    i can totally imagine it; xiao lan's thoughts=

    omg, so Gui no longer has feelings for my brother, and is now forcing himself onto Zhou gege?? Zhou gege has two guys after him?!?? lol whuttt?? I LOST TO ZHOU GEGE?!?? xD

  4. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for the spoiler
    that gave me a smile for the day XD

    and i guess i have to wait with impatience until august 5-14 >.<...
    but it will be worth =3
    i hope... better dont dissapoint me >.>
    naa 1/2 prince never fails!!! yay!

  5. :,,D OMG LMAO! Thank god there weren't customers around when I saw this (I'm at work) cause I laughed so hard! Gui x Wicked~
    can't. stop. laughing.

    "What the **** are you doing?! !!=__=;;"

  6. All hail Kenji.

  7. Haha, kenji thinks i wrote the above comment and i thought kenji wrote it... ahem anyways, not that many days left til the v6 release, be excited ppl :P

  8. ...*nosebleed*


    (can't wait till she gets an explosion of 1/2 prince... meaning she has a bishie obsession... wait why am i talking in third person...?)

    thank you guys~~~!!!

  9. Noob wrote that comment!! and we all know it ;) She digs me =P

  10. MellingtonBoots23 July 2009 at 10:27

    Hail Kenji, hip hip huzzah!

    If you like I'll adapt some vaguely heroic ballad to mark the event.

  11. You had made my day!!!!! OMG !!! GUI AND Zhou gege IS THE WORLD CRAZY? WOULD PRINCE BE JELOUS. *KISS*

  12. I've come across a couple of chinese blogs that show vol6 cover of the manhua. Has it really been released? It seems to be hard to come by tho. Too bad I can't read traditional chinese either. -_-

  13. Gui AND Zhou-gege!? WITH GUI ON TOP!?

    There HAS to be a plausible reason as to why that's happening. XD;

    Please tell me it's one of those "Don't judge too quickly" sorts of things! Awwww, man, I can't wait until the chapters are posted~♥ But I'll be a good little fan and wait patiently! *sage nod*

  14. I can't stop laughing!! I reallly can't wait for august!! Yay! Thank you for your hard work!

  15. Oh volume 6 is out actually, we'll get our hands on it asap and start working on it.

  16. can someone scan the RAW first and upload it online? So that we can read it first!!! Can't wait for vol 6! How long will it take to scanlate?

  17. no sorry, we told the author we won't release the Raws, you aren't gonna get them from us at least.

  18. OMG that picture is gonna give feng lan some baaaaad thoughts.

  19. buahhaha OMG this manhua/noel wont dissapoint me! what a nice view! I wonder what feng lan thinks XD

  20. i really want to put this picture as my desktop but i think my family would disown me and keep the computer.

    do we know how long this seriese is going to be at all? i hope we are not going to just get 2 or 3 more books and its done like some of them are. AT LEAST 20!!!!!!!!! lol.

  21. lol, Feng lan is gnna have tht image burned into her

  22. omg looking at the spoiler link is like looking at the big red fart button u know u want to but u shouldn't.... OMG STOP THE TORTURE!!!

  23. omg!

    thank you for scanning 1/2 prnce..
    i really love this manga..

  24. lol, i get the jist of what happend because it happens in most manga but i have t say its one of the few times i laughed so hard when i seen it. XD
    cant wait for the next chapters

  25. lol looks like Gui jumped him.

  26. OMG!! I can´t stop laughing when i see it
    I think his picture needs some context...

  27. R A W R ! ! !
    *Sigh* Now to wait.
    *Drools over spoiler*


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