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Why Donate?

Why Donate?
Our raw providers have to spend on magazines (Dragon Youth)/ volumes and unbind them to bring you good quality scans. Unbinding completely messes up your book, so we are reluctant to ask them to unbind unless they can be reimbursed for the damage.

And since any donations we receive are used only for the purchase of raws, it's one way for those of us who can't buy the manhua for ourselves to support the artists and authors.

That aside both providers are students and do not always have the money necessary to bring you scans fast enough. Your donation may sometimes really speed up the process, but only when its a problem of buying the raws. Thank you all who have kindly donated so far. If you donate please leave your correct email address, we might want to contact you...

What will we do with the donations?
The majority will go into reimbursing the scanners. Any remaining donations will be held for future uses.
Here's a receipt just in case you think your manga comes from thin air~

"I am donating because I want raws faster!! We pay you give scans"
Let me be very clear, non of the money you give us is going to my or any of the non raw provider's pockets. we use any money you give us for buying magazines, and keep the rest for when later magazine buying. We don't get paid, we don't do this for money. So please don't donate if you think you are "buying" the magazine from us.

(If we ever change this policy, and i doubt we will, we will make an announcement very clearly, non of you will miss it.)

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