Don't ask for release dates


General Questions

  • Do not ever ask when the next chapter is coming out, or try to rephrase this question.
  • Also we know you love the manhua and can't wait for the next chapter, hearing constant whining makes us want to make you wait even longer...
1. When will the next chapter come out?
A. Half Prince and Magic Insulator both are released in Long shaonian magazine early every month in Taiwan. But it takes a week or two to get delivered to our raw provider, so expect chapters near the ends of the month.

2. How long do you take to release chapters? Why?
A. When we have the raws available as in that its actually been published; at most you'll have to wait a week to see it scanlated unless problems arise. We do have lives so delay can happen, if you aren't one of the people helping us, don't complain.

3. I don't care about quality just give me the scanlation!
A. No can do, we go for quality~

4. Can you please release the RAWs?
A. For 1/2 Prince we have the authors permission to scanlate given that we don't distrubute the RAWs. So if you want to read the raws I suggest looking for other sources or buy the manhua yourself. We will do the same with our other projects.

5. Why can't I see the comment box?
A. Your ad banner blocker on Kaspersky responsible. So add "" to the ad banner white list.

6. Are these Korean/Japanese mangas?
A. No. these are Taiwanese manga, and its in Mandarin ~ traditional chinese

7. So what direction am i reading the manga again...

8. What is Aj Plau!?
A. Like everyone at OSS, you'll have to figure that out...
1) the answer is right in front of you
2) look at your keyboard (has to be QWERTY)
3) PWN! is to OWN! as AJ PLAU! is to...

9. Where is that image on the site from?
A. Prince's picture is from a 1/2 Prince Doujinshi Artbook
The dragon is from Magic insulator...

1/2 Prince Questions

1. Where can I read the 1/2 Prince Novel in English?

A. 1/2 Prince manhua is based on a novel of the same name. Our recommended source of the 1/2 Prince novel translation is Prince Revolution!, which has been approved by the author!

2. 1/2 Prince name changes
A. We want to name the characters as closely to the original as possible. So to keep a compromise with the previous translations and the original taiwanese script, we are going for the following name changes. See the full list of names used here:
  • Ming Huang - instead of Miwa
  • Guiliastes - instead of Guileastos (its should be pronounced Juliastes)
  • Yun - instead of Wen (feng lan's classmate)
  • Guqin - instead of the harp that Guiliastes carries.
  • Fan - instead of Van
  • Infinite City instead of Infinite Hamlet
3. Why did you jump to 1/2 Prince Vol 6 from Vol 1?
A. TLC (The little corner) already has very high quality scans for vol 2-5. It would be a waste of efforts for us to rescanlate an already scanlated manhua.

4. Where can I buy 1/2 Prince? Where's the author/artist's blog?
A. Look at the Links on the side bar....

5. What are the songs Prince sings?
A. In Chapter 1: It's my life - By Bon Jovi
In Chapter 32: Fly with your Dreams - written by Yu wo (theres no music for it)
In Chapter 33: Swallowtail Butterfly - by Ashin ~ Download Mp3


  1. i'm very interested in buying 1/2 prince. but i don't know where i can buy it (orig copies not english) do you know where i can purchase vol 1-6? hopefully on a english site. thank you

  2. Well its in the links, but anyways this is the place where you can find it is English:


    im amazed that the artist gave u guys permission to translate! good job and lets hope mah ling jo fixes everything and peace to all the typhoon victims

  4. HElP ME, PLEASE........
    I really want know swallowtail butter fly, but my speed acces in my computer (provider) not conduct to see in youtube. Does anyone know, where i can download that mp3 file, please?
    I think Half Prince is amazing manhua, and i want propose to publiser in my countri. But they need ISBN number, does any tell me ISBN number manhua half prince,please?

  5. Mp3 version found and posted ~ Courtesy of Kenji

  6. That is nice song.Thx u very much Kenji, Noobzilla, and team odd squad.
    I don't know how much time, money, and energy which your spend for us, but i know you are very nice persons and kindly heart.Thx.

  7. hello!
    i started reading this manhua yesterday, and i wanted to know if you have an idea of how many chapters've been published so far (i noticed that you uploaded several times a month)and if someone had an idea of how many chapters it may have (i know it's based on a novel so i hope is not an endless story like one piece or naruto =/). I'm just curious =P and didn't find so much info on the web...
    thanks in advance
    congratulations and a lot of thanks for doing this project! nice work!

  8. Hi,

    Do you know what's the font used for Gui? The one with a lot of hearts. :D

    Thanks for doing such a good job on producing so much HQ scans! :D

    Keep up the good work, we'll always be supporting you guys. :)

  9. Hey, I was wondering if it would be ok to make a book of 1/2 Prince through a self publishing book company? Just one single copy for my two friends and I, and it would not be sold or made wide to the world for resale. We just want a hard copy for ourself so that when we want to reread our favorite chapters we don't need to stare at the computer. Please post if this would be ok or not?


  10. Hello Alkander,
    If you print out 1/2 Prince for personal use, we have no qualms about it. But if you start selling it... you might get sued for it... (not by us, by the publishers of 1/2 Prince)


  11. Thanks for answering my post about the chapters =)
    i'll be waiting for chapter 36 =)
    Keep the good work! I wish you the best XD

  12. can I translation yours scans for portuguese?

  13. What's your group name? I suggest mailing me with details if you want permission for that.

  14. What is 1/2 Prince called in Chinese? Is it Yi-Ban Wang Zi???

  15. im kinda confused, i thought the manhua was completed already by the artist that adapted it to drawings? or was it only the novel and english novel that was finished, while the manhua is coming out every month?

  16. Can u actually buy the manhua in english? or does it have to be translated? Because i like this manhua alot and want to actually own it. If anyone knows, please tell me! Thank you!!

  17. will there ever be a 1/2 prince anime???

    i know that because its not japanese that would be hard but......a lot of people i know love it!!!

  18. Where does the "donations" go to? Just wondering cause I was thinking of donating to show my appreciation for all your hard work.

  19. I know you hear this A LOT, but thanks for doing this for all of us. I thought you should feel good and know you're appreciated. :)

  20. I already knew the oddsquad had the permission from the author, but I'm soooo relieved for it I cant express it fully... I'm so sad that onemanga is closing T^T I loved to read everything there (for it was really easy and I found them first).... but I owe you a bunch of thanks for translating this, I really love this and I hope nobody ever bothers you like the scan groups being harassed by stupid people (aka publishers) for I really really need the scanlators, I live in a country where manga is not regularly found and internet, and it can be worse if you look for manhua or manwa T^T really, really thank you for that!


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