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Cheese in the Trap S3C60


Cheese in the Trap S3C60

Where Jung is sharpening his sweet tongue, perhaps preparing himself for Sul.

A quick fix was added to the bookmark for some users who had squish problems.
Please warn me if the squish problem persists (and for those who modified the "ordered loading" option, could you try without it? thanks).

How to read Cheese on desktop: celest ceejjj's youtube video or tbinnie's tumblr screenshots
How to read Cheese on mobile: part 1 - part 2

- Doonge

Cheese in the Trap S3C59


Cheese in the Trap S3C59 (OR IS IT??)

Ok fellas, here's S3C59 en avant-première.
In order to read it before everyone else, you'll have to use an alternative bookmark (and temporarily desactivate the addon if you installed it).

A new bookmark has found its place next to the "old" one, and it looks like this:


If you haven't already, just drag&drop it on your bookmark bar (its name is "overtooning"), and use it in place of the old one.
If you don't wanna be be a guinea pig, you can just wait it out!
In a few days, the addon/userscript and the old bookmark will be synchronized and work again for Cheese aswell.

Edit: somebody made a tutorial video on YouTube
tbinnie made a tutorial in images here
And some people reported a weird ... problem for some mobile devices. It's going to be fixed but it will take a little time. Sorry.

Currently it doesn't work with Safari, but it should in the near future (if you are a tech-savy Safari user, I'll be very interested in your feedback).

You can use it for mobile devices, as long as you are able to modify bookmarks.
Head over there for how-to and complaints.

Incidentally, what happens in this chapter echoes what's happening in the latest chapters of S4 (for those who follows), and alongside the drama (yes, yes, In Ho), it fosters much spark.

- Doonge

The Dragon Next Door ch 55 + 56 (Season 1 Final)

The Dragon Next Door ch. 55 & ch. 56

Merry Christmas!
Two chapters in a row again. Enjoy what Fannie has done to Young-soo's poor little heart. (?)
And with this the first season comes to an end, with one extra bonus chapter left. Don't worry -- we will get to that one and the following season next up!
Ch. 55: ||
Ch. 56: ||
- Rednut

The Dragon Next Door 53 & 54 + Cheese Announcement

Hello people,

Cheese in the Trap has gone pay-for-view on, which means that foreigners cannot access those chapters anymore since it's impossible for us to even give money to Naver without a Korean credit card and a Korean ID.

Consequently, the overlay system cannot be used, and we will offer an alternative for our previously released chapters and the ones to come.

I'm pretty happy with this system, as we grew from 1k view per chapter in a month after release, to 8k. In total and in average, each chapter got 20k views (unique per day! not counting those who reread multiples times in one sitting).
Cheese alone got above 3 millions views at Naver through overtooning.

Overtooning will still be developped, but is not fit anymore for Cheese, so we will be releasing Cheese differently in the near future.
Stay tuned!

Let's not forget Dragon Next Door, here are the links!
Ch. 53&54: || ||

- Rednut & Doonge

Half Prince Chapter 75

Surprise! Chapter 75 is now ready for your viewing pleasure.
Guess who I am? : O
Big thanks to the team for taking time out of their busy schedule to make this chapter possible!

Downloads are available here and here.
Also, please report in this post if there are any broken links and I'll get them fixed in one go.


EDIT: Surprise! Even though I said chapter 75, it is actually chapter 74!! mwahahaha!!
Double surprise! I simply mislabeled the folder! I will show  myself out... ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

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