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Cheese in the Trap S3C92, 93, 93.5 (special) and 94

Those chapters were also done by jazaerae.
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Cheese in the Trap S3C86-91 + S4C22, 23, 26-30

Those chapters were done by jazaerae.
They will feel different, since it's jazaerae's initiative.

S3 Chapter list:
S4 Chapter list:

Very sorry for the wait and all, but we're busy =(

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Cheese in the Trap S3C85


Oh my! Look at that steamy action!

This chapter was available all along since yesterday :(

- Doonge

Cheese in the Trap S3C84


Last chapter, Soonkki was pondering how she would reinvent another genre and switch away from Slice-of-Life webtoons.
In this chapter, she might have been experimenting towards that goal...

- Doonge

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