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Recruiting Chinese Translator for EH

Cheese in the Trap S3C31

Cheese in the Trap: Season 3 Chapter 31


Blackhorus signals that one of the top comments on naver relates to Jung's smile at the end of this chapter.
"Yoo Jung's facial expression looks like a puppy waiting to be praised by his owner..."

BlackHorus: (>x<) Some CITT fan should draw that!!! (Jung with puppy ears and all)


Cheese in the Trap S3C30

Cheese in the Trap: Season 3 Chapter 30
Spoiler Alert

If you have suggestions as to what Sang Chul "sunbae" could be reading, and how Sul could crush his soul, I'll let you know I'm a taker.

We might have an activity surge (Kimchi is on spicy mode right now), so stay tuned.


Half Prince Chapter 70

It's been a long journey. Five years in fact.

It was our common love for the comedy, romance and adventures Oddsquad that founded Odd Squad Scanlations. 

After five years of tirelessly tearing up books; squinting at monitors to redraw and remove that last pixel of noise; squabbling over translations and proofreading; and confusing each other on what font to use...

Odd Squad Scanlation's Half Prince Team would like to proudly present to you, our dedicated readers, our final piece of work...

Thank you everyone for sharing this adventure with us!

Jokes! : p
See you next month ; )

Cheese S3C29 + Dragon Next Door c28-29 + Kubera

Cheese in the Trap: Season 3 Chapter 29

Alongside Cheese, there's a new chapter of Dragon Next Door released. You can access it through @naver or download it via @mediafire or @turbobit.

Plus, Babo Kim scans will begin to release Kubera chapters through overlays. And they seek a korean translator.


The Dragon Next Door C27

Here's a new chapter of Dragon Kim (more like, his sister).

And great news: the status of this webtoon switched from completed to ongoing (saturday) just two days ago, because season 2 just started ^^

Chapters were pulled off Batoto, but this webtoon is (not yet?) translated on their LINE website, so we will probably just keep providing download links for the moment being.

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