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Cheese S3C33 & S3C34 + Dragon Next Door c31

Cheese in the Trap: Season 3 Chapter 33

Of course, the business line is videogame journalism!! That's a high-status and well-paid one.
What were you expecting? That we make reference to yakusa stuff and heartless killing? Naahhh.

(link to S3C34 if you want to directly jump at it: link)

Annnd let's not forget Dragon Next Door. This chapter is about his heartbroken sister though (very, very sad)...

- Doonge better late than never T-T

The Dragon Next Door c30

Don't try this move in your streets, it's likely not the formula for love.

Cheese in the Trap S3C32

Our overlay host (Google Drive) encountered wide problems yesterday, but all seems resolved at the moment.

Happy reading ^^

It seems Sul got some vengeance going on, and killed two birds in one chapter.

Sul apparently want Jung to talk more and open up, but most typesetters would tell you they like it when people just shut up.
It would make a poor story though...

Cheese in the Trap S3C31

Cheese in the Trap: Season 3 Chapter 31


Blackhorus signals that one of the top comments on naver relates to Jung's smile at the end of this chapter.
"Yoo Jung's facial expression looks like a puppy waiting to be praised by his owner..."

BlackHorus: (>x<) Some CITT fan should draw that!!! (Jung with puppy ears and all)


Cheese in the Trap S3C30

Cheese in the Trap: Season 3 Chapter 30
Spoiler Alert

If you have suggestions as to what Sang Chul "sunbae" could be reading, and how Sul could crush his soul, I'll let you know I'm a taker.

We might have an activity surge (Kimchi is on spicy mode right now), so stay tuned.


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