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Half Prince Chapter 78

Prepare yourselves for cuteness overload from the kids and our favorite meatbun! >: 3

Chapter 78 can be downloaded here and here.

Many fans have been asking about Cheese In the Trap. After a discussion, we have decided to drop this project.
Line Webtoons have weekly official translations that are free for all to access; with each click and like they also support Soonkki which is what we all ultimately want : )

On another note, Half Prince is about reach its end so our next project will be to work on The Dragon Next Door. Look forwards to it! ;)


Merry Christmas everyone!

On the last day of Christmas OSS gave me to~♫
Four bishies on a "Christmas tree"~♪
Half Prince chapter 77 can be downloaded here and here.

Thank you for your patience everyone! Big thanks to our new members Yonsei and Isabelle as well as returning members for making this chapter possible Tu T

Merry Christmas everyone~! : D


Half Prince Updated Links

The dead links for Half Prince chapters 67 to 76 have been updated. The old DepositFile links have been replaced with TurboBit. You can find them here.

We are down to 3 to 4 active members so that is the simple fact for why we haven't released anything.

Recruitment is open for:
Typesetters: must be able to use Photoshop
Cleaners: must be able to use Photoshop and have redrawing skills
Quality Checkers: must be fluent and preferably uses English on a daily basis; would also prefer "semi-perfectionists" to spot grammar, fluency and typesetting errors.

Please email me if you would like to apply for any of these positions : )

We're currently focusing on Half Prince and will move onto one of our webtoons.


Cheese in the Trap S4C7 + S4C8


It has been the case for awhile now, but Jane Doe herself already inaugured season 4 and released S4C1 to S4C6.

Jazaerae is fastening up the pace, and after a big release for S3, she's now completing S4.

Chapter 7 is here and chapter 8 there, but you can also check the chapter list.

Note that Naver has changed a little bit its layout, which confused overtooning. I updated the corresponding template, so everything should work, but if it doesn't work yet for you, you can force overtooning to refresh manually.

1°) If you are using the bookmark, access and use your browser REFRESH button. If you are using an userscript manager like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey, make sure to check for updates (go in the userscript manager, select overtooning and force update it).

2°) On any Naver page, use overtooning as usual, and if it doesn't work, click on the overtooning icon that should have appeared (next to the Naver logo, top-left of the website), go in "Settings", and click on the "APPLY" button next to the "Reset Overtooning Data" option.

Cheese in the Trap S3C95 to S3C108 + S4C31-33

Done by jazaerae.
She started her own tumblr blog dedicaced to her work and Cheese in the trap:
(Click on the image to access S3C95)
Or access S3 Chapter list (only the very last chapter, a special one, is still unavailable)

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