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The Dragon Next Door ch35

There. Sorry. ;w; ||

No human or dragon is harmed in the making of this chapter.

-Rednut and Team TDND

Eclipse Hunter Volume 4 Chapter 10


Wow...major events happen in this chapter .__.''
It's so hard not to spoil it here :x
Welp, can't help myself, so the picture's a slight hint to what happens.
If you don't get this, then go back and (re)read the previous chapter. :P
I wouldn't want you to be confused nor miss any of this action.
Anyhoo, enough of me talking. xD Wouldn't want to bore you guys...
Grab the latest chapter here~

-Zephynel and Team EH

P.S. I apologize for the delay in Half Prince, for one of our cleaners has lost her way. We hope to find them soon, heh. ^.^''

The Dragon Next Door c33+34

Life tip from this chapter: you should know when Fannie noonim is gonna try and kill you. ||

Whelp. Since this update is mostly delayed by midterms, might as well.
Hope this semester finds you all faring well XD


Eclipse Hunter Volume 4 Chapter 9


Team EH returns again with a brand new chapter of Eclipse Hunter!
(Do I hear the huzzahs yet? \o/)
Learn about the in-between, microchips, and...a kiss?

So hopefully by now, you're wondering: what also happens in this chapter?
Click here to hop on over to our novel site and find out for yourself!

Ciao for now,
Zephynel and Team EH

Half Prince Chapter 71

Mirror download links for HP71 can be found here and here.
Thanks for your patience everyone : )

We're back! Sorry for the joke last month heheh

Since Gui worked so hard to give birth, how could we end without witnessing the fruit of his labor?
I hope everyone has recovered from the multiple shocks and surprises in chapter 70!

Gui's hard work has given birth to Chapter 71
Without further ado, may we introduce Chapter 71~!
Congratulations to our new parents, Gui and Lan Feng! It's a healthy baby... girl?

See you all next month!
-Nyt and Team HP

PS please let me know if the current link breaks or if it needs a mirror! I'm currently having issues with deposit file : <

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