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Cheese in the Trap S3C45


If you spot problems or something, fixes will come a little later than usual because my internet sucks right now.

- Doonge

Dragon Next Door 43 + Dragon Next Door 44


So that's how you get two chapters of TDND today!

Download: Chapter 43: ||
Download: Chapter 44: ||

- Rednut

Cheese in the Trap S3C44


Little reminder for the Nepal Earthquake (because I'm bumping the recently released Half Prince news =[): here's a list of charities that meet the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability and are thereof approved by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. The link given by Nyt is approved by them, but one might want to choose a faith based organization, or any other.

- Doonge

Half Prince Chapter 73

Sorry for the long wait everyone, here is Half Prince Chapter 73!

As everyone is (hopefully) aware, Nepal has been struck by a devastating earthquake. To help those struggling though this, we're appealing for donation. Please support Nepal with adequate health care services by donating to International Medical Corps.
Every dollar counts!

In other news, our favorite clam with eyes is back! :D

See you all again soon, hopefully sooner next time : P

Cheese in the Trap S3C43


Even Eun Taek senses something strange off Jung... maybe I should change sides...

- Doonge

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