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Half Prince Chapter 80 The End

Happy New Years everyone!

The start to a new year but the end of a journey. What a looooooong journey it was!

Thank you to all the fans, readers and of course the many different OSS team we've had over the years!

Big thank you for your patience on waiting for releases. I know we've been rather slow and inconsistent lately ^^;;

But we've sprinted, crawled, ran, limped and cried our way to the finish line; and here we are, Chapter 80, the final chapter of Half Prince can downloaded here and here.

Stay tuned, remain patient and we'll see you soon in TDND! ;)


Cheese in the Trap Season 4

Cheese in the Trap Season Four is out!
Just a reminder, OSS does not translate Cheese anymore. There are free and offcial translations on Webtoon that can be accessed here.

Please subscribe and like the chapter in Webtoons to support Soonkki, the author : )

Have a good weekend everyone!

The Dragon Next Door Season 2 Chapter 2

TDND has returned along with someone else ;)

Season 2 Chapter 2 can be viewed online on naver using the Overtooning bookmark on the left.
Downloads can be accessed here and here.


Half Prince Chapter 79

Thank you for your patience everyone, Half Prince Chapter 79 can be downloaded from here and here.

Please also welcome, Furniture who has joined us as our new cleaner! :D

A reminder to all CITT fans, official English translations can be accessed for free at Webtoons, please support them as they support Soonkki.


Half Prince Chapter 78

Prepare yourselves for cuteness overload from the kids and our favorite meatbun! >: 3

Chapter 78 can be downloaded here and here.

Many fans have been asking about Cheese In the Trap. After a discussion, we have decided to drop this project.
Line Webtoons have weekly official translations that are free for all to access; with each click and like they also support Soonkki which is what we all ultimately want : )

On another note, Half Prince is about reach its end so our next project will be to work on The Dragon Next Door. Look forwards to it! ;)


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