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Cheese in the Trap S3C57


Sul always straight to the point with the hardball questions.

Anyway, this chapter finally establish that Jung is a handsome man. Amongst all his faults and mystery shrouds, one thing is clear: he's not bad to look at up close.

- Doonge

Cheese in the Trap S3C56


Rich friends make good friends, except when you want to complain about common problems and seek common understanding.

Jung, you filthy wealthy unique child... but maybe you are thinking Sul has been gifted beauty, intelligence and mental fortitude, so what more does she want (but a good boyfriend like him)?

Good thinking Jung, good thinking.

- Doonge

The Dragon Next Door c51 & c52

The Dragon Next Door ch. 51 & ch. 52

Two chapters in a row. Find out what the power of Fannie's kinky, uncontrollable love has done to Young-soo. (?!)
Also Dragon tells his father's story.

Ch. 51: ||
Ch. 52: ||

- Rednut & Doonge

Cheese in the Trap S3C55


I learned from Cutie Boy that in Korea, there's a saying that goes like this: "A man should cry only three times in his life".
What a waste of tears.

On an unrelated note, korean money leeks like look?

- Doonge

Eclipse Hunter is back! (EH V5 C2)


Hello everyone!

Eclipse Hunter is back up and running again.
Sorry for the delay...
(For my excuse, I'll just say there was a trip to Korea and much studying done. :P)

Click here for the link to the newest chapter of Eclipse Hunter!
Since you all have been waiting so long, I'd like to announce that the next chapter will most definitely be out by early September. :)

Take care,

Zephynel, on behalf of the EH Team

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